Golden Carriage

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Golden Carriage

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What the hell is Golden Carriage, I've been a fan of SALEM for over a decade now, and in the last year this cryptic side-project of Heather started leaking on youtube...

Upload from 3 Jun 2022:

Heather Marlatt & Paul Kopkau - Rennisance

Another one, this time credited to Golden Carriage, with the description that says:
tracks by Heather Marlatt from SALEM and Paul Kopkau under the name Golden Carriage
Upload from 22 Sep 2022:

Golden Carriage - Compilation

0:00 - Shootin At Wolves
2:21 - Architectural Astronomy2
7:06 - Often Times
9:28 - Ordinary Days
12:19 - Winter Of Artifice
16:40 - Morning Dew
20:07 - Black Ski Mask
21:10 - Cathrine Millet03

Upload from 11 Aug 2023:

Golden Carriage (Heather Marlatt)

00:00 Architectural Astronomy
04:53 Black Ski Mask
05:55 Catherine Millet
10:04 Knife Inside
12:12 Morning Dew
15:44 Often Times
18:09 Ordinary Days
20:59 Shooting At Wolves
23:22 Winter Of Artifice

Funny enough @collynx added the Disaro CDR to Discogs and made a comment about it 12+ years ago, which I totally missed: ... ory#latest
*Oftentimes is actually a song by a project Heather had formerly been involved in, called Golden Carriage
Paul Kopkau is a contemporary artist, which would make sense that Heather and him met at the art school.
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