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Thin Gaze - ___ (2012)

Posted: November 15th, 2023, 11:49 am
by zin

1. Never Change
2. Black Collarona@nite
4. Geisty
5. Coke Alley
6. Screen Memory
7. Andingmen

Tape :arrow: ... /thin-gaze
Instant Vancouver classic of outsider night beats. 7 song cassette of chopped and screwed croons and bummer lover melodies. Noir Lounge for the urban insomniac.

Run of 75 and co-released with premiere Vancouver tape label, Green Burrito. Includes digital download.
Digital :arrow:

I managed to convince Chris to make this downloadable on Bandcamp a couple of days ago, so enjoy. Orbitting around the witch house genre, Thin Gaze's debut EP sits somewhere between Holy Other and I do not love. I quite love the description that the labels published (above). Deep voice and moody beats, really cool, happy to have this on a tape.