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Clan Destine Records

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Key releases for WH fandom:
CDR-VHS-001 Mater Suspiria Vision – On TV II

CDR-45-002 King Dude – The Black Triangle 7"

CD-R/DVD 001 Fostercare – Heaven's Gate
CDR-CD/DVD-002 Modern Witch – Dark Secrets Of The New Age
CDR-CD/DVD-003 Nattymari – Obliterations

CDR-LP-003 Mater Suspiria Vision – Inverted Triangle I
CDR-LP-013 Ela Orleans – Ela And Thee Prophets 'Remixes'
CDR-LP-019 I†† – V.I.T.R.I.O.L

CDR-TP-013 Ice Cream / I†† – Split
CDR-TP-015 Mushy / Drugs For Drunks – Split
CDR-TP-016 GuMMy†Be∆R! // Nattymari – 100 Minutes Of Foulness...Foul!
CDR-TP-018 ÐOSE – Plunge
CDR-TP-019 oFF – Disenchanted Fairytale
CDR-TP-021 Party Trash – Alone
CDR-TP-025 I†† / Skitt'er – Split
CDR-TP-031 Party Trash – A Very Thoed Tape
CDR-TP-048 Aten Rot – Aten Rot
CDR-TP-050 Mater Suspiria Vision – Hexensabbat
CDR-TP-051 Blvck Ceiling – Throne
CDR-TP-060 _N_ – Slop Tape
CDR-TP-065 Nattymari – Too Late Dont Read
CDR-TP-068 Upsetter - Sinister Current
CDR-TP-108 DJ Ghettoscraper – Somebodies Husband Somebodies Son Vol I
CDR-TP-110 DJ Ghettoscraper – Somebodies Husband Somebodies Son Vol II
CDR-TP-153 Mater Suspiria Vision – Beyond The Aether

___ Mater Suspiria Vision – Mondo Inferno 2012
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